TechCafe Happy Hour @Appature

If you are counting, this is the first event of the year! We’ve been busy (details on Josh’s blog). We still love putting on tech events in Seattle though!! If you are itching for great events in between TechCafe events you should check out the events at Surf Incubator and Hub Seattle. We feel great that the community is growing here and are honored to be a part of it!

At TechCafe we work with awesome startups and technology companies to offer brilliant technologists a few things for free. Sure you’ll be stuck in Appature‘s slick offices. Yes you will have to participate a little in the technical talk at the event or at least listen to the discussion that Derek Slager (VP of dev at Appature) will lead.

Derek’s talk will explore “Life in the post-jQuery world”, and some of the challenges of evolving a very large client side application. This should be an interesting topic for anybody building modern web-based applications at scale.

You will also meet some other interesting developers, program managers, designers, entrepreneurs, etc. So there is a price to pay to drink the free beer and eat the free food. You will also hear about a job opening or two at Appature… Did I mention that Appature has announced their sale to IMS? Well you’ll likely hear more about this as well.

In case you haven’t been following TechCafe over the years, Appature has sponsored an even EVERY year for the last five years of TechCafe’s existence. That means they have been giving free food and beer to startupers and technologists for years and are doing it again. Over here at TechCafe – we can’t imagine the Seattle technology community thriving without companies like this supporting the community.

So join TechCafe for an early happy hour at Appature to talk tech and meet some great peers in the industry.

Registration details are on the Attend the next event page.

This year, TechCafe is also partnering with the Seattle Angel Conference. If you are a new Angel and are not participating (you should be). If you missed the deadline to pitch to the group – there will be another opportunity in the fall. If you want to attend the conference (May 16th)itself where the six finalists will pitch go sign up . If you are interested in sponsoring a part of the event, there is always room for more sponsors.

If you are interested in hosting/sponsoring a TechCafe in the future, don’t hesitate to reach out. Please forward this invite to great people in the community that you think would be interested in attending or sponsoring in the future, our tech community is growing and you are a part of it.

We are looking forward to connecting with you at this TechCafe event or a TechCafe in the future.

TechCafe Lunch @Glympse

There’s an interesting start-up success story quietly going on right here in our backyard.  Glympse, the local start-up that pioneered simple and safe location sharing, recently crossed the 3 million user mark for their mobile app and, this morning, announced a partnership with Mercedes-Benz to embed Glympse into the navigation system for the upcoming new Mercedes A-class.

Join us and the Glympse team at the next TechCafe at their S. Lake Union office as they share some of the lessons they learned on the path to the 3 million user mark.  You’ll also get a sneak preview of the soon-to-be released update to the Glympse mobile app and have an opportunity to participate in a live, interactive demo of one of the cool new features planned for the next version.  Details below.

If the ticket registration is not showing up on the upcoming events page, feel free to head straight to the eventbrite page –


What? – TechCafe with lunch hosted by Glympse

Topic? – 3 Million Users & Lessons Learned

When? – Friday, June 15th from 11:30am to 1:30pm

Where? – Glympse (office in S.Lake Union)

1124 Harrison St.

Seattle, WA 98109

Lunch? – Yep – and beer, too.  Courtesy of the Glympse team.

How to participate in the interactive demo:

On June 15th, when you are on your way to the TechCafe lunch, send a Glympse to  Don’t have Glympse on your phone?  You can get it free by visiting from your mobile phone.

Zero Risk – 32000% Potential Return

I get asked all the time if my full time job is TechCafe. I always blush at being asked about my secret desire that a sponsor like MSFT or GOOG would come along and pick up my financial requirements so I could focus on building great events here in the Seattle area for the startup and tech community – the truth is, that will never happen (I have a full time job). I don’t know anyone that makes a living solely from running events of any kind (at least a living that would support the habits and lifestyle that my family is used to). SFBeta, Seattle 2.0, Hops and Chops, etc – none of these events are supporting a family of four.

So… how can anyone make a buck networking? I mean beyond the free food or the paid hours if you are a recruiter or service provider or the value in finding a job or finding the rockstar employee or partner you’ve been searching for and could only find at a TechCafe event? I am talking about networking in general and specifically ways to profit as a good networker without any previous planning, sponsorship selling, etc. I am talking about the new referral bonuses that two TechCafe alumns have recently announced. SEOMoz is offering US$12,000 to the highest quality networker out there and EnergySavvy is offering US$10,000 for the same thing!! That’s right – one task that you are doing anyway – networking – can lead to a little side cash of $32,000. We are talking what a Seattle Public School teacher earns in an entire year just for being a good networker – so it’s not chump change.

The details are pretty simple, think back through all of the networking events you have attended in the recent past. If you haven’t been to one recently, try to get into Seattle 2.0’s TNT event tonight. As you think through the events and the people you met – even briefly – think about whether they are a software engineer that would meet what these firms are looking for – if they don’t think about whether they might know a software engineer that does meet the requirements.

From there, it is pretty simple – make the recommendation (good or bad recommendation doesn’t really matter – sorry SEOMoz & EnergySavvy) – they are offering $32,000 in cash to throw some new names in front of them and they will gladly pay if the person works out. The risk – $0, the reward – $32,000, so networking offers a return of 32000% that is better than nearly any startup, penny stock, or real estate transaction will ever offer you. Granted the scale is limited, but the risk is zero – so putting a few names won’t hurt.

TechCafe is not getting paid to pump the Tech Hiring Bubble – but if you happen to get any portion of the $32,000 you definitely owe us some beers…

Oh – don’t forget to sign up for the next TechCafe Lunch @Hark on 3/4!!

Company Profile – PipelineDeals

Next up in our TechCafe Alumn presentations… PipelineDeals! This was a fun event down in Pioneer Square a couple months ago. Great company and things to learn….

YouTube Preview Image

Date Founded – May 2006
Team Size – 6
Target Market –  Any company with a sales team from 1 – 1,000.
Brief Value Proposition – PipelineDeals provides you with the easiest way to manage your sales pipeline. Sales teams use PipelineDeals to manage deal flow, track leads, run reports and close more deals. PipelineDeals is affordable at $15 per user per month with unlimited storage, no long term contracts and all backed by our amazing customer service.
Product Stage –  Launched
Company Stage – Bootstrap
Brief Description about what is interesting about the team or company – PipelineDeals is passionate about customer service. We firmly believe that by providing better service to our customers will result in a more satisfied customer who will talk about us. We are a month-to-month pricing model and must add value immediately to our customer’s business. We re-earn our relationships with our customers each and every month.
Where Can I Get It!!

TechCafe Happy Hour @pinchzoom

TechCafe Happy Hour @pinchzoom – July 9th 4:30-6pm
707 N 35th Seattle, WA 98103


This will be our first event in Fremont!! We’ve done all over downtown (including pioneer square, belltown, sodo, capitol hill), Ballard, Redmond, Kirkland, Bellevue – but this will be the first ever in Fremont…

Pinchzoom builds mobile applications for themselves and others – in other words they have an interesting business model that includes services for other entities and building products that they sell themselves. Certainly an interesting model to look at… and looking at pinchzoom’s new digs it’s easy to see that they are doing executing very well!!

TechCafe Happy Hour @BlueGecko w/Avelle

TechCafe Happy Hour @BlueGecko w/Avelle – June 21st 4:30-6pm
1415 5th Ave. Seattle, WA 98101


This will be Blue Gecko‘s second time hosting and this time they are going all out! We’ll be hosting just next door at the Red Lion’s terrace deck and Avelle/ Bag Borrow or Steal, Inc will be giving a talk as will Jeremiah Wilton (who should prove interesting for all you database techies)!!

Of course the event is free to attend and there will be free drinks/food, there will also be great people to talk to and network with, and an awesome talk – we changed the name, but we didn’t change the event.

Jeremiah has worked with Oracle technology since 1994. His main claim to fame is having been’s first database administrator, back in the pre-IPO days. For seven years, he helped survive exponential scaling, and a wide variety of nearly-catastrophic technology failures. Jeremiah owned and ran ORA-600 Consulting for a number of years, until it was acquired by Blue Gecko, Inc., a global provider of remote administration for Oracle, MySQL and E-Business Suite. Jeremiah also teaches the Oracle certificate program for the University of Washington. Jeremiah is an Oracle Certified Master, a member of the Oak Table, and a frequent presenter at industry conferences and user groups. His publications and whitepapers can be found at

This will be a fun way to kick off the TechCafe event series – we will be opening it up to more creative events as well as trying even harder to show off cool Northwest tech companies (at their offices). There are some great events in the works for the rest of summer and there is a lot more content on the site so be sure to subscribe to the feed and stay on this mailing list for information.

Seattle Lunch 2.0 is now TechCafe!

This wonderful logo was put together by a Seattle Lunch 2.0 community member – Mark Chrisman. Mark attended a number of the events in the past and when we were asked for the first time to partner with the WTIA on an event, we needed a logo! Mark, loving the events and being a bright guy put together this logo. As we enter the fourth year of Seattle Lunch 2.0 and update our name & brand, I want to thank Mark for all of his efforts and patronage to Seattle Lunch 2.0.

As you may have noticed, our new name is TechCafe. So why the name change? What the heck was wrong with Seattle Lunch 2.0? First, a few things about our new name and mission:

  • We don’t have a new logo (yet)
  • We are being run by the same folks as always (yes, by we I pretty much mean me)
  • We won’t be calling ourselves TechCafe 2.0 just to fit in
  • We are still putting on the same great Lunch & Happy Hour events as we have for the last three years
  • We don’t plan to earn a living off of these events
  • We are still excited about all of the other events and places that exist for people to connect
  • We no longer are restricted to “Seattle”
  • We are motivated by the great people and companies that come and go here in the Greater Seattle Area

Of course there is the simple naming & logistics problem with Seattle Lunch 2.0 – We’ve been putting on events that happen at lunch time and events that happen during happy hour… which is a little odd sometimes. We’ve been calling some of these events “Seattle Lunch 2.0 Happy Hour @host w/co-sponsor”. I know that Microsoft gets away with branding like this, but they have been outpaced by Apple now as well. We had folks showing up at lunch time for a happy hour event and people waiting until happy hour time for a lunch event. Very confusing for folks. Granted all they need to do is look at the start time – but a lot of people are busy these days so we want to make it easy with naming more like “TechCafe Lunch @Sponsor” and “TechCafe Happy Hour @Sponsor” – much less confusing for our community.

Add to this naming problem, internally we realized that, for us it was time for a change and raising the bar. As all of you are well aware, when you are working on a project that slowly grows over time there always ends up being a point where kicking it up a notch or putting it into the next gear is necessary to really make that project what it can and should be. For us at Seattle Lunch 2.0, we’ve hit that time. Somewhat inspired by the changes at Seattle 2.0, the introduction of so many great organizations (Techstars, Founders Co-op, etc), and enabled by some of the great sponsorship and friends we’ve made (through the events themselves).

June marks our anniversary date, this is the end of our third year of operations and now the beginning of our fourth. We have helped companies launch products. We have helped companies launch themselves. We have helped Seattle’s tech industry hire some of the brightest in the industry. We have enabled companies to get the buzz going about their company. We have inspired entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes. We have connected people in the tech industry for all sorts of reasons. We have enjoyed every minute of it and want to ensure we continue to offer what the community needs.

With the new site, the obvious new partnership with nPost & TechFoam, and a continued passion for the tech community in the greater Seattle area, there are some great plans in the works. These will unfold over the course of the year so you will definitely need to stay tuned here on the new blog.